With responsibility
toward our clients

A little spark is only the beginning. More and more efforts are necessary for long term success. The calling and professional staff of PENSIO Minőségi Közétkeztetés Kft. are making food every day in our kitchens keeping in mind the baselines of healthy nutrition, excellent quality and delivered in time to our clients. The satisfied smile of our clients is the proof that we are on the right track. With responsibility toward our clients in quality contract catering.


Quality guaranteed

PENSIO Kft. is committed to quality contract catering. We are continuously trying to demonstrate that it is possible to cook quality, tasty and healthy food from reasonably priced materials. Today contract catering in the first place means serving our children meanwhile participating in social care and elderly care is also very important part of the service. For every age group our aim is to serve the clients with quality food paying high attention to local taste.


Local governments

Reform catering

We are responsible to deliver food to students that cover basic daily nutrition needs (whole value and vegetal protein, fats, carbon hydrates, trace elements and vitamins) of a growing body. PENSIO Kft is operating more than 300 kitchens countrywide, producing 100.000 portion of food for nurseries, kindergartens, schools, elderly care institutions and social care institutions.



Social responsibility

As a result of our commitment to quality in the past 20 years PENSIO Minőségi Közétkeztetés Kft. has become a major player in the contract catering sector. Serving 80.000 clients with food on a daily basis requires precise planning, timing, disciplined work and commitment. We believe that we can not be successful on our own without our reliable business partners and trusted suppliers.