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Nagy János, Budapest:
As a parent it is important for me to know what portion a child should get from a meal. Please do not take it as an offence but sometimes it seems that that the portion is too small. What size a portion should be?

Dear Nagy János!
Daily energy intake is influenced next to others by age, weight or gender but physical activity is also very important. In the case of contract catering average portions are used therefore it is possible that some will say it is not enough others say it is too much. In every case we assume that the child eats five times a day meaning that beside the 10 hour snack, lunch, afternoon snack breakfast and dinner is also available. On the other hand different authorities and laws also subscribe the proper quantity of a portion and of course a nutrition value keeping these is obligatory.
Meanwhile we can only be responsible for the quantity only in those kitchens where the serving of the food is made by our staff. In other cases we can only guarantee the quality until the food is handed over. Please always and as soon as possible inform the leader of the institution if you see significant difference in quantity.

For your information please find below the average serving quantities modified by the requirements of different age groups.

Food Portion*
Soups 3-5 dl
Vegetables 3-4 dl
Garnish 20-30 dkg
Meat 5-7 dkg
Leg of chicken 12-16 dkg
Pickles 5-7 dkg
Cake 1 pcs/slice
Fruit 1 pcs