partner1As a result of our commitment to quality in the past 20 years PENSIO Minőségi Közétkeztetés Kft. has become a major player in the contract catering sector. Serving 80.000 clients with food on a daily basis requires precise planning, timing, disciplined work and commitment.

We believe that we can not be successful on our own without our reliable business partners and trusted suppliers.

As a hundred percent Hungarian owned company, we are proud to be the facilitator of the success of others both in our close and broad environment; we are employing only local workers, we are using only domestic – preferably local – ingredients, we are reinvesting a significant part of our annual profits into the continuous improvement of our services, thus creating further labour opportunities.

partner2Even having become a large organisation, we still have not departed from our basic philosophy: our work is driven by our commitment to quality. We are working with highly accomplished professionals, we are pioneers in the utilisation of the most innovative technologies, we are strongly committed to the continuous training of our employees and we keep on developing and modernising our business processes. Our aim as a market leader organisation is to remain what we have always been: an effectively operating, yet homely business venture focusing on the demands of its customers.

Our goal is to establish long term business relationship with our suppliers and partners. We are continuously searching companies thinking about looking at food production as we do at cooking. It is very important to us that our partners are committed to assure and maintain quality, support domestic agriculture and food production and supplying customers.