About us

The company was founded in March 1993 as a family business. The basic business concept of its founder, Gyula Süllős was to successfully enter the public catering market by offering quality services despite the extremely strong price competition. He uncompromisingly believed that public catering can be and has to be a service of quality.

With owners related to the members of the Süllős family, the corporate group of nine companies is the leading player on the public catering market. Servicing over 300 institutions nation-wide, employing, 1000 permanent employees, and providing daily catering services to more than 100 thousand people in day nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools, elderly care facilities and other social services institutions. With the capability of providing catering services even five times a day, seven days a week, the corporate group operates 170 kitchen facilities, partly in its ownership, and uses over 80 own vehicles for the transportation of the menus.

Uniquely in Hungary, PENSIO was the first to implement simultaneously four different, internationally acclaimed quality management systems. All the kitchen facilities operate in compliance with the no. 2-1/1969 HACCP prescriptions of the Hungarian Food Codex and with the ISO 22000 food safety system standards. Control over the complete business operations is assured by the standards of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, while compliance with the ISO 14001 environment management standard ensures outstanding performance in environment safety and waste management issues. All the above ensure in a well-visible and easy-to-control way the continuous maintenance of service quality.

Each series of menus are determined under the supervision of dietetian experts – widely respecting the actual demands and expectations of the customers. Much attention is paid to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle: the company was the first to introduce the healthy food principle in the public catering industry. For each customer group the company is capable and willing to offer the widest variety of dietetic foods (free from cholesterol, gluten, lactose or added carbo-hydrates, pulped food or even gall bladder protective food), which are prepared by the specialist of the company under regulatory conditions and involving dietetians.

The corporate group places the greatest possible emphasis to use local ingredients and to employ local workforce.

PENSIO Minőségi Közétkeztetés Kft. pays continuous attention to the training of its employees, to the utilisation of the most up-to-date technologies, to quality improvement – and to maintain the homely working atmosphere even now as a large organisation.

Key figures:

  • Daily catering services to over 100 thousand persons
  • 1000 employees
  • Servicing over 300 institutions
  • Operation of some 170 cooking and servicing facilities
  • 48,000 breakfast, 2,300 morning snack, 81,000 lunch, 32,000 afternoon snack,
    2,300 dinner sets served each day
  • Over 80 own transportation vehicles
  • 5 quality management systems implemented (HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
    ISO22000; MSZ 28001:2008)