First in reform catering

PENSIO was the first in Hungary to introduce reform nutrition in contract catering in the 11th district of Budapest in 2005. Every time, in case of every service area a special program is used to calculate daily calories, protein, carbon hydrate and mineral intake based on the needs of different age groups. This is controlled by a dietitian expert proofing that the meal corresponds with the requirements of reform food.

Main points of reform catering

    • Decrease carbon hydrate and salt intake.
    • Increase the ratio of poultry and fish in the diet.
    • In case of diary products yoghurt, low fat simple cheeses are recommended.
    • Proportion of food containing seeds should be increased.
    • Eating cooked vegetables two times a day with some simple side dish.

  • Leaving read meats from the menu, avoiding heavy food.
  • Consumption of fruits and mineral water on a daily basis and the ban of sweet cakes.
  • In case of breakfast of afternoon snack vegetable based pastes, honey and fruits shuld have an advantage.
  • Instead of tap water drinking of quality mineral water.